What to look for in a roofing contractor

Things to consider upon finding a roofing contractor:

1. Do they have employee training with OSHA safety requirements?
Answer: PennRo Associates, LLC has weekly meetings as well as mandatory OSHA safety meetings for all employees to be up to date with standards and regulations. All employees are required to use all safety requirements at all times.

2. Does the contractor have employee training to ensure a quality installation and craftsmanship on your project?
Answer: All employees are trained to ensure the highest quality of installation. All employees receive one -on -one training. They are also monitored by the owner as well as given annual performance reviews.

3. Source of the material. (is it new, high quality, and going to last?)
Answer: PennRo Associates, consistently uses brand new, straight from the distributor, reputable products that are purchases directly before your project begins.

4. Proper insurance requirements to protect you as the homeowner as well as the employees working o your roof?
Answer: PennRo Associates, LLC is 100% insured and fully certified to meet your needs. All employees are on the books and come with workman’s compensation coverage, this way the homeowner cannot be sued in the event of an accident.

5. Can the company you hire have the financial means and stability to handle a project of your size?
Answer: PennRo Associates, LLC has a strong financial background that can not only handle, but exceed your roofing expectations.

6. Does the company have vast knowledge as well as experience working on roofing projects?
Answer: PennRo Associates, LLC has 50 years of experience and vast knowledge on all roofing types.

7. Does the customer come first? Is customer satisfaction the bottom line?
Answer: PennRo Associates, LLC always puts the customer first. We listen to your needs, and value your opinion.

8. Is the company built on a solid foundation? If so will they be around to satisfy and feature needs?
PennRo Associates, LLC has been in business since September 2004. We take great pride in our work and the relationships that we develop with the customers. We want to keep them happy for years to come.

9. Is the company deeply rooted in the community and in the surrounding areas?
PennRo Associates is deeply rooted in the community. We contribute to local charities’, as well as support small local businesses.